AHC networks offers a range of Internet connectivity options tailored to suit each user. This means that we can offer many different broadband products including contended or dedicated, asymmetrical or symmetrical.

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  • Requires Line of Sight
  • AHC networks provides free site survey
  • AHC networks equipment includes the placement of a outdoor Subscriber Unit on the roof or wall of the Customer’s premises and a indoor Wifi router. Note the Subscriber Units remains the property of AHC networks
  • As your wireless broadband service provides 'always on' connectivity, we strongly recommend the installation of a firewall or similar security measures
  • All subscriptions are paid quarterly in advance

Setup fee assumes standard install i.e. 3 hours labour, 20m cable

Benefits include

  • Instant 'Always-on' connectivity, 24/7 wireless broadband Internet access. No time wasted in dialling up thereby facilitating efficiency and productivity gains in the workplace o Information sent/received 10 to 40 times faster than ISDN
  • Information sent 2 to 4 times faster than ADSL
  • Symmetric speeds for uploads and downloads of data - not available with other broadband solutions such as ADSL or satellite
  • Fixed charges. A flat rate charged quarterly facilitates accurate and advanced budgetary planning for business Internet costs - no unpleasant surprises with large phone bills
  • Scalability. As your business grows we can increase the access to bandwidth and the speed of data transfers to suit your specific needs
  • Reliability
  • Security (via proprietary protocols and technologies)
  • Personal, flexible service. We are a customer focussed company with a commitment to deliver excellent performance and a high quality customer service, please view some of the testimonials from our customer data base
  • Advanced services available (dynamic bandwidth allocation, VPN, Public IP addresses etc.)
  • A network capable of delivering business-critical applications. Allows Customers to increase productivity and efficiency and utilize the many re ources available on the web
  • AHC networks' solution is totally independent of phone lines - hence no unbundling delays or line tests
  • No installation delays. Unlike ISDN or DSL wireless technology operates independently of cables and copper lines thereby eliminating the necessity to dig up roads, lay new fibre, or test the quality of copper lines, thereby facilitating timely installation
  • AHC networks do not dictate your network layout beyond Network Termination Point. However, as with all broadband connections, a firewall solution is strongly recommended.
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